PRVolt Case Study

PR Volt Case study

The most efficient PR platform ever made. PR Volt automates and amplifies your PR campaigns, giving you the press coverage you need at a fraction of the price.

Every client is paired with a dedicated Campaign Manager. During your sign-up and consultation, your campaign manager will work with you to refine your strategy. You'll hone in on your point of differentiation, targeting specifications and timing.

Targeting is the pillar of every great PR campaign. We use pre-defined interest clusters to find editors most likely to respond. We've also developed bots that systematically find editors that wrote about your competition or related keywords.

We'll create custom pitches for each editor segment. We've studied thousands of pitches and will structure the content to maximize response rate. Once you approve, we'll blast off your campaign. You'll start getting hits as soon as the campaign is launched.

The challenge

PR Volt manage multiple senders and email sending domains. After years of experience they have designed their own email sending and campaign management tool, in order to have more control over the email journeys of their customers. Expert in PR, they came to InboxWizards looking for assistance in email deliverability.

Some of the key challenges were:

- Monitoring email deliverability
- Feedbackloop implementation
- ISP best practices
- List hygiene management
- Bounce management

The solution

Each email service provider has it’s own merits, and while it was of great importance to find the right solution for PR Volt's customers from a usability stand point, we also had to consider email deliverability best practices as a one of the top priorities.

The first port of call was to carry out an Inboxplacement audit on several customers to check where emails were landing and what were the common points to address.

Once the results came in, it was made apparent that there was no way of tracking customers’ domain reputation or to ensure that all forms of domain authentication were configured.

The first solution then, was to make sure that wasn’t the case by implementing the relevant tools and making sure they were set up correctly.

Next we ensured that onboarding workflows were put in place and optimised to provide the customers with the best chance to find the Inbox.

Through automation we were also able to manage and suppress bounces, as well as filter recipients in such a way that only active recipients were part of the campaigns.

To summarise, with the correct implementation and configuration of tools, effective workflow management and proper list hygiene it is possible to achieve better inbox placement and, as a result, greater customer engagement.

Improve your inbox placement rate

The less emails that arrive in the spam folder, the greater the chance of engaging with subscribers increases and ultimately leads to improvements in conversions and ROI.

Take advantage of InboxWizards' free e-mail deliverability audit and find out what can be done to improve your inbox placement by booking an audit with an InboxWizard.

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