Jen Bishop Consulting Case Study

From authentication to best practices of list hygiene, InboxWizards solved a variety of e-mail deliverability issues to improve customer engagement and reach lead generation goals.

With over 10 years of experience in communications and marketing, Jen Bishop specialises in business strategy and planning, event management and copywriting, helping B2B service providers generate high ticket clients worth $10k - $100k or more.

As e-mail outreach plays an important role as a part of Jen’s 3 month coaching program and outreach services, it is important that e-mails are delivered to the inbox in order to help her clients reach their lead generation goals.

The challenge

Several challenges faced by e-mail outreach are the same as those faced by e-mail marketing newsletters, of which three key factors were impacting the results of Jennifer's campaigns.

  • E-mail Authentication
  • Domain reputation monitoring
  • List hygiene

E-mail authentication, in short, refers to the protocols DKIM, SPF and DMARC, which enable e-mail providers the means to verify that an e-mail is sent from who it claims to have been sent from.

Domain reputation is an important factor that essentially measures how much an e-mail provider trusts a sender – the higher the reputation the likelier it is e-mails reach the inbox.

Lastly, list hygiene is essential for a good Inbox placement rate. A key part of which is making sure that bounce rates are low and ensuring you don't send to spam traps.

Making sure your list is well managed and sending relevant and useful content to subscribers is a good way to prevent encountering those issues.

The solution

An InboxWizards deliverability expert began by auditing the sending infrastructure of Jennifer's campaigns, then provided a detailed overview and a list of actionable items to implement.

The next step was to ensure that domain authentication (DKIM, SPF, DMARC) had been setup correctly along with the relevant tools, such as google postmaster and DMARC reporting to allow constant deliverability analysis.

Once authentication issues were resolved, list hygiene and data validation processes were put in place to ensure that best practices could easily be followed for new subscribers.

Finally, an analysis of the existing database was conducted so that existing mailing lists would fall in line with the newly defined processes and practices.

Solving these important factors enabled Jennifer to shift focus from deliverability to getting the most relevant message to the audience.

The result? Great inbox placement that saw an increase in engagement and meetings booked.

Improve your inbox placement rate

The less emails that arrive in the spam folder, the greater the chance of engaging with subscribers increases and ultimately leads to improvements in conversions and ROI.

Take advantage of InboxWizards' free e-mail deliverability audit and find out what can be done to improve your inbox placement by booking an audit with an InboxWizard.

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