recurate Case Study

recurate Case study

recurate are a full-service resale platform. They provide the recommerce technology and strategy you need to meaningfully participate in the circular economy.

After 10+ years at the intersection of retail and sustainability, Recurate’s co-founders saw huge potential for brands to take part in resale, an industry growing exponentially faster than traditional retail. This could greatly reduce environmental impact for brands, but the technology was missing to make resale easy and profitable.

Recurate was founded in 2020 to make resale easier for brands and customers. A game-changing idea made possible with world-class leadership, including the former head of brand partnerships at TheRealReal, and a leader in ecommerce innovation who’s worked with brands the likes of Vans and Gucci.

Their focus is on designing a superior resale experience for customers that welcomes them into a brand's ecosystem. Their technology integrates with all ecommerce backends, and we work with each brand to get the look, feel, and functionality just right.

The challenge

recurate faced several challenges in ensuring successful email delivery and maintaining sender reputation. Three specific challenges included DMARC monitoring, IP reputation monitoring, and email content optimization.

  1. DMARC Monitoring: DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance)

  2. IP Reputation Monitoring: Maintaining a good IP reputation is crucial for recurate to ensure their emails are accepted by recipient servers.

  3. Email Content Optimization: Crafting effective and relevant email content is another challenge for recurate. They must optimize subject lines, body text, and formatting to minimize the likelihood of emails being marked as spam or being caught in spam filters.

The solution

InboxWizards worked with recurate over the course of a year on the following:

Implemented DMARC: Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) for their email sending process. DMARC helped authenticate recurate's domain, reducing the likelihood of their emails being flagged as spam. By setting up SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) records, we ensured recurate's emails were properly authenticated, improving deliverability and protecting their domain from potential phishing attacks.

Improved IP Reputation: InboxWizards assisted recurate in maintaining and improving their IP reputation by closely monitoring bounce rates, spam complaints, and other factors that impact email deliverability. By using dedicated IP addresses, segregating traffic based on engagement levels, and promptly addressing any blacklisting issues, recurate enhanced their IP reputation, leading to better inbox placement rates for their emails.

Optimized Email Content: Collaborating with InboxWizards, recurate worked on optimizing their email content to avoid spam filters and increase engagement.

Improve your inbox placement rate

The less emails that arrive in the spam folder, the greater the chance of engaging with subscribers increases and ultimately leads to improvements in conversions and ROI.

Take advantage of InboxWizards' free e-mail deliverability audit and find out what can be done to improve your inbox placement by booking an audit with an InboxWizard.

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